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mim akter
Apr 07, 2022
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Google Analytics has a standard Phone Number Database channel grouping (which is based on the combination of source medium). Of course there are situations where it is useful to set up and use your own channel Phone Number Database grouping (and that is also possible in Google Analytics), but be sensible: limit the number of channels. The easiest Phone Number Database way to do this is to have your media act as a blueprint for your channels. And I haven't come across a situation where there really was more than ten standalone, real channels. In principle I always use: cpc (paid search), social, organic, direct, display, email, referral and affiliate. The rest basically goes in the Phone Number Database other (or unknown/not set ) category. In some cases you often link to your website from an app, for that you could add the mobile (or app) channel. Good analyzes are difficult Phone Number Database enough as it is. Then why make it even more difficult for yourself by creating a jumble of Phone Number Database possibilities that go against all standards? Recently I was asked what I counted video ads to. In my view, video is in principle not a separate medium. It is a form of display advertising. But I can also imagine Phone Number Database situations in which you do want to count this as a separate channel. And of course you can. In all cases, rule 1 is sacred: be consistent! If you make the choice to name video as a separate channel, stick to it. Everywhere. So not Phone Number Database only in Google Analytics, but also in your dashboards, reports, meetings, plans, budgets and so on. Rule 11. There must be a relationship between the source and medium In my previous article I gave a number of examples where there was no clear connection between source and medium.

mim akter

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