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sukanto Kuri
Jun 30, 2022
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how to better use color language to express the meaning of design in computer graphic design has become a subject with important research significance. This paper analyzes the use of color in graphic design. Key words : computer graphic design color application In the process of computer graphic design, the choice and use of color is very critical. The choice and application of colors are influenced to a certain extent by the computer graphic design style and graphic design objects. Therefore, it is worth exploring how to better use color to obtain the best effect. In the context of the new era, people's requirements for spiritual and cultural life are getting higher and higher, and their aesthetics are also changing. Therefore, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of the public, Image Manipulation Service designers should adjust and innovate the use of colors in time. The reasonable use of color can better and directly express the connotation of the design, which will impact the audience's vision, so as to obtain a better publicity effect. 1. The significance of applying color in computer graphic design Color is one of the important elements in graphic design, and the use of color directly affects the effect of graphic design. Different colors express different meanings, and the use of colors can cause people to have different associations and form a special color language expression. Graphic design is often to achieve the purpose of product promotion. When people observe the design, the first thing people notice is the color of the graphic design. Color has a strong emotional impact that is difficult to replace by other languages. The expression of the design idea of ​​the entire plane requires the designer to reasonably use and match colors to form a color language. During the five thousand years of historical development of the Chinese nation, the Chinese nation has gradually developed a printing and dyeing process that represents the unique cultural symbols of the Chinese nation.

sukanto Kuri

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