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Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate at the International Maritime Center [SMGG-at-the-IMC] is a multi-sector maritime welfare ministry organization dedicated to the well-being of seafarers and the overall welfare of the maritime sector.

We make ships visits and present a caring, listening presence to seafarers aboard ships docked in ports in the Bay area. We seek to let the crews know that we know them, care about and appreciate them. We also offer essential services that help to make their lives aboard ship a bit more comfortable and convenient, and their time in port a bit more pleasant and refreshing: 

  • We provide transportation during brief shore leaves for crews to do personal shopping and tourist activities.
  • We conduct limited personal shopping to seafarers for basic personal necessities when staff and volunteers have capacity. 
  • We receive packages that crews have shipped to our center, and we deliver the packages to their ship when it arrives in our Bay Area ports. 
  • We offer The Maritime Center as a comfortable area to rest and play table games, video games, pool, table tennis, a quiet area to call home, and a chapel for quiet reflection. 
  • When requested [and with the approval of the captain] we offer prayers, sacred rites and sacraments to crews. 

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Zoom Webinar on March 13, 2024 from 1100 hrs to 1200 hrs

The Propeller Club of Northern California (PCNC) Welcomes Robert Wilkins & Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate. The topic: Enabling Happier Lives at Sea is Critical to the Future Sustainability of Maritime Trade

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Together We Make a Difference

The International Maritime Center [IMC] collaborates with non-profit organizations, community groups, government and the private sector to educate the public about the importance of the maritime industry and the needs of seafarers. The IMC advocates for issues, policies and programs that address the needs of seafarers, that advance the maritime sector and care for the ocean environment. Finally, The IMC also coordinates administrative and operational services [e.g. facility use, transportation, communications, and IT] for the SMGG-at-The IMC network.  

From its beginnings in the early 1900s until now, the Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate has been meeting the needs of seafarers as they come ashore from months of isolation aboard ships. But things are changing.   

Since 1988

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