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Strategic Action Agenda Summary 


Ship Welfare Visitor Force Ship visiting is the foundation of the seafarer welfare services.
We seek to recruit and extensively train community members to become Certified Ship Welfare Visitors to ensure that every ship that docks at the Port of Oakland will be visited within twelve hours of arrival. In the years ahead the Force will serve all Bay Area ports.    

Home Fit for Heroes – We aim to renew the International Maritime Center to provide a more fresh, vibrant and attractive “home away from home” in order to raise the spirits of seafarers – our heroes – who are risking their lives every day to support our global economy.

Digital Excellence – We shall provide a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure including our website, social media and wi-fi platforms.  This shall include operations to supply remote support to seafarers that shall incorporate one-to-one counseling, 24/7 chaplain chats, addressing concerns over the extension of contracts and repatriation, family support and referrals, spiritual support, or referrals to a chaplain or an agent.

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TOMORROW CORPSBy 2030 the ocean economy will be worth $3 trillion. Rapid advances in technology and innovation are reshaping the maritime industry. The types of skills required for the maritime/ocean workforce are changing continually. Hiring and keeping talent is a challenge. TOMORROW CORPS is a hands-on maritime training program specifically designed to expose a new generation to the skills and knowledge needed to explore and prepare for the emerging career opportunities in the various sectors of the maritime industry. TOMORROW CORPS is especially committed to encouraging young people from communities of color, and young women, to explore the growing opportunities in the maritime industry. 


The maritime industry brings tremendous economic and social benefits to local and regional communities. yet public awareness and support for maritime is often minimal. Connecting Maritime and Community is an ongoing effort to facilitate inspiring, empowering and educational engagements between local communities and the maritime industry in the Bay Area. The effort features:  

  • Maritime Culture Currents: explores the significance of maritime traditions in the development of various cultures in the world. It also examines the contributions, influence and impact of distinct cultural groups upon global maritime traditions and practices.  
  • Community Connections Gatherings: invitations to the community to visit our charming space and appealing location for arts performances, culinary events, community dialogues, designed to create close, more personal connections to the maritime environment. 
  • Maritime Celebrations: commemorate and honor milestones and global maritime traditions, and to acknowledge the special benefits that the world receives from the maritime industry and to pay tribute to the accomplishments and sacrifices of merchant marines, seafarers and others who have made life in the United States possible. 

The Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate at the International Maritime Center is committed to serving as a catalyst and conduit for building innovative, relevant and inspiring links between maritime and community to help the region maximize the full potential of the Bay Area maritime sector for the benefit of all.  

We invite you to join us as a volunteer, a donor, advisor or friend.  


Always Forward, 

Robert Wilkins, Executive Director and Chief Program Officer
Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate at the International Maritime Center