For Community

Overview of Oakland looking toward San Francisco

Culture Currents™

Lectures, exhibits and discussions on the historical, artistic, literary and faith expressions of the seafaring ways of diverse cultural and ethnic groups. 

For: Community

CrossWalk & Talk™ 

Intergenerational, interfaith, cross-cultural dialogues on important social issues while strolling along the shoreline walking trails.

For: Faith & Community Groups; Families, Walking Clubs, Small Companies 

Morning Glory™

Stretching, breathwork, meditations, to soothing soundscapes at sunrise followed by light morning appetizers.

For: Port Workers, Seafarers, Community Residents

Scenes on the Shore™

Original sketches by written and performed by community artists and residents, including port personnel and seafarers.

For: All comers

Sea Vespers™ (at the Shore)

Jazz, chamber music, poetry, creative arts, reflections, prayers and meditative sessions by the water at sundown.

Tomorrow Corps™

An extensive leadership development program with a focus on maritime issues and 21st century leadership skills.

For: Emerging/Rising college students, advocates and community ambassadors

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